Dr. Javad Karimzadeh

Assistant Professor in Insect Population Ecology

Javad Karimzadeh (BSc, MSc, PhD, DIC)

Department of Plant Protection
Isfahan Research Centre for Agriculture and Natural Resources
PO Box 199, Isfahan, 81785, Iran
Tel: + 98 (0) 311 7885478
Fax: +98 (0) 311 7757022

Blog: http://hasharat-e-muzi.blogfa.com/

I am an insect ecologist, studying the population dynamics of insect herbivores in a multitrophic context. My research interests lie in two main areas of Population Ecology (population dynamics of insect herbivores, underlying mechanisms of population fluctuations, time series analysis, and mathematical modelling and simulation) and Sustainable Pest Management (combining strategies such as host plant resistance, parasitoids and microbial biopesticides).